Why Choose QuickBooks for Your Business

21 Apr Why Choose QuickBooks for Your Business

Is QuickBooks just another accounting software? What is so special about it?

These are the first questions that pop in the mind of business owners once they get past the dilemma of ‘do we, or do we not need an accounting software?’ QuickBooks by Intuit is, by far, the most popular and user-friendly software application for accounting and bookkeeping.

It is geared with a number of impressive features that allow you to keep track of your accounts, and adequately maintain them for smooth running of the business.

When you pick QuickBooks as your resident accounting software, you automatically sign-up for the following inherent benefits of the program:

A Quick and Simple Setup

Installing QuickBooks is easy – we can do it for you! Submit your request for a QuickBooks checkup on our website, and let us take care of it from there. We will size up your business, assess your needs, and suggest the best QuickBooks accounting solution for you.

It Boasts Better Compatibility

Microsoft Office, Accounting Express, Quicken, Peachtree, and Microsoft Excel – QuickBooks is compatible with all of it.  So, your previous data can be imported easily to QuickBooks from whichever program you were using before it.  If the program you used falls in the incompatible list, Intuit provides a conversion tool as a solution.  Reports can also be exported from QuickBooks to Microsoft Excel for easier compilation of corporate reports.

Accurate Money Management

If you are able to keep track of every dollar spent in business, you know that you are successfully operating your business and its finance division. QuickBooks allows you just that! The software comes with built-in features that allows businesses, big and small to manage their money properly. It will record bills with due dates, and allow you to print checks directly from the software when the due dates draw near. Bank accounts can also be linked to the software which promotes greater flexibility and control on recurring payments.

Track Your Sales

Creating and tracking sales invoices becomes easier with QuickBooks. All versions of QuickBooks allow you to automatically generate invoices and send them to customers via email, when you record sales. It saves time, and helps in boosting company’s performance resulting in higher profits.

Simple Reporting

Annual reports? Check. Aging reports? Check. Cash flow statements? Check.

QuickBooks provides you with a wide array of options for financial reports that you may need in the course of effectively running your business. It also allows you advanced options of streamlining payroll management and other processes for better efficiency.

One Size DOES NOT Fit All!

It’s not a hat; it’s an accounting software, and therefore the same software does not work well with every business. QuickBooks accounting software is available in several different versions: Pro, Premier, Online, and Enterprise. Each software comes with a different set of features that cater to different business-specific dynamics.

QuickBooks is effective, efficient, and a reliable answer to all your accounting worries. If you’re looking for comprehensive QuickBooks setup and training services, contact us at TBooks. We provide complete accounting and bookkeeping services to allow you the accounting freedom you need to help your business grow!

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